Big Daddy's Burgers

Big Daddy's Burgers has been filling bellies with our fresh, never frozen, beef burgers since 2013. We specialize in homemade American food, like our hand-cut fries and real ice cream malts, and our staff offers friendly service that you can count on

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2828 Piedmont Ave.
Duluth, MN 55811




One has to admire start-up mom & pop diners in these days of big chain saturation. Big Daddy’s has stirred up a big storm with their quality burgers and hand-cut fries. Not only can you eat well, but if you polish off their 3# + burger, they’ll name it after you. Many have tried, all have failed. Started with an order of their giant rings, which Kawikamedia and I could not finish. They were great, however. \ Certainly one of the best in town, if not the state.