Quantum Pork

Quantum Appetizers Episode 2: Quantum Pork Ft. Smoked pork belly burnt ends by Jeff Brown, ASMR Performance by Kate Horvath, in an immersive exhibition designed by Daniel Benoit.

Quantum Appetizers is a monthly series fusing the Culinary and Performance arts together in Duluth's most exciting new high tech venue. Short and sweet, this 30 minute performance and consumption ritual (with optional pre and post show experiences) is a curated sampling of the best talent in Duluth. An ultra premium experience engineered to vaporize your busy and stressful woes and leave you ready to enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Cost: 50

Age: 13+


Fri. May. 12 6-6:30pm

Sat. May. 13 6-6:30pm

The Burg
20 W. 1st St.
Duluth, MN 55802

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