Jen Schultz too polite to call Stauber the traitor he is

Harry Welty

How can a college hockey player who cheated to win a national championship be a traitor?  It’s as easy as knocking a net off the ice when the opposition is about to score.

Pete simply changed his mind about his cult leader’s losing the 2020 presidential election fair and square. The minute Trump glared at the Republican Congressmen, Pete folded. He began parroting the boss’s big lie and agreed the was election stolen. In doing so he aided and abetted the attempt to steal the election for Trump. Screw the voters. Screw Democracy! Screw the Constitution! Screw the truth!And you can add one more screw to the list. Screw God! 

Since Donald Trump’s loss and his big lie, Stauber has been reelected to Congress twice. Each time he has sworn an oath to God to “defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” Screw Pete!

Two years ago when Pete had only lied to God twice, his broken oaths were the smoking guns I put on my campaign literature. I ran out of money before I could mail them out to every voter in the 8th Congressional District. Postage is expensive. 

Besides, Trump’s postmaster, DeJoy, has screwed up on-time mail delivery. I still have a few thousand of the letters from two years ago and I’m passing them out now just in case I challenge Sneaky Pete again. 

I can’t abide a traitor representing me in Congress. Congress is where my hero Abraham Lincoln served one term and stood up to a President who fudged the truth to start a war against Mexico.

Ironically, I owe Trump a small favor. He has conditioned America to listen to his coarse, lying bullshit for nine years. He has freed me to tell the unvarnished truth just as boldly and rudely as he lies. Before Trump I would have tippy-toed carefully around the truths in this column’s first few paragraphs. 

We don’t need tippy-toers with Trump threatening to start a war if he’s ever held accountable for his unending trespasses. 

I don’t trust Jen Schultz to treat our Trump lackey Congressman like the traitor he is. Jen’s a Mom. She’s a teacher. She’s an economist. I’m afraid she’s too nice to tell voters the despicable truths about their current congressman. Somebody’s got to do it.

Jen will certainly be on the November ballot after the voters select her in the primary. She will get lots more votes from Democrats in the primary than Pete will get votes in the poorly attended Republican primary. That’s a shame because in the general election, all the Trump voters will come out en masse to vote and send their Trump traitor back to Congress to do his master’s bidding. 

It would be easy to defeat Pete if most Democrats took advantage of the remarkable Minnesota primary by joining Independents and the Republicans who hate the Trumpification of America. Minnesota lets people vote in any party’s primary election. 

Trumplicans have no use for history or Lincoln. I do. I joined the Democrats for a couple years and I was gratified to discover that they revered Lincoln even though he was a Republican. Any Democrat who admires Abe Lincoln is twice the Republican of a Trump supporter.

Minnesota has a long tradition of party hopping during primaries. Christian zealots had my favorite Republican Governor, Arne Carlson, in their sites in the primary of 1994. The thought of the extremist Republican legislator the zealots were championing becoming Governor galvanized so many Democrats to vote in the Republican primary that Carlson won. 

The November election looks a lot dicier for Jen with an overwhelming Trump turnout. The primary could save her too, but save her from the general election.

If a crazy Lincoln Republican defeated the traitorous Stauber there would likely be an added benefit for Jen’s November campaign. 

There is no end to the enthusiasm of Trump voters. What would Trump voters do in a general election if faced with the Republican who defeated their Trump loyalist? 

Worse yet, it would be someone who encouraged Democrats to undermine their control of the primary and weakened Trump’s vice-like grip on Congress! Pete’s victor might have very tough sledding.

I think it would be fun to run against a Mom, an economist, a legislator and teacher. 

However, if I was a candidate I wouldn’t roll over and play dead. I told you Arne Carlson won the 1994 primary with the help of Democrats. He also retook the governorship with their help in the general election! Maybe it could happen again.

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