A good lynching and “our way of life”

Harry Welty

I only heard about the small protest in the Rose Garden the next morning. I drove past it while taking a grandson to school and saw a young fellow hauling a duffle bag away. I wanted to talk to the students protesting the troubles in Gaza but by the time I rushed back they were all gone. I asked a city gardener if they had stayed the night and he told me they had. He also told me what my wife had heard on local news. They behaved themselves and they left no mess behind.  

I, of course, am puzzling my way through the process of putting a well financed campaign for Congress together in a town with many political experts who roll their eyes at the prospect of such a campaign. I don’t blame them.

No one has ever suggested I could beat Congressman  Stauber even if he wants to return the N***** lynching President #45 to the White House.  

That I should lose to such a Congressman doesn’t say much for me but I understand. This is the 20th time I’ve filed for public office. Yes, I got elected to the school board three times but Congress is a whole different kettle of fish. Usually it takes a party-endorsed candidate with tons of financial support to win. These people, who hate each other, can be counted on to earn our collective hate for the shitty job they do running the nation. They may be more reliable than the fellow who keeps campaigning sort of like the boy who  kept crying wolf.  

It's funny, I just spelled “shitty.” 

When I was a kid that was a very rude word. I knew better than to spell out N*****.  I hid the infamous word behind asterisks. Everyone knows what that word is.  It’s sort of a testament to America that everyone understands its unAmerican to be a racist.

However, its not considered unAmerican to support the leader of a modern-day lynch mob who tried to lynch five black men. Trump led a lynch mob in his forties making it clear he wanted the men dead. A shoddy job of police work led to five boys being charged with a rape in New York City’s Central Park.   Trump spent a hundred thousand dollars on full page ads in New York City papers demanding their executions before they were even tried.

Watching Trump today in the docket its hard for me to forget how disappointed he was that they weren’t executed. He did get them sent to prison. They were all innocent and released many years later.  

Trump’s most enthusiastic supporters today are Christians like Congressman Stauber who is constantly campaigning for “our way of life.”

Lynching was a way of life when I was born. Southern racists gouged out the eyes of returning black soldiers or lynched them with their girlfriends and like Trump they got away with it.  But Trump’s lynch mob was only thirty years ago. Talk about our way of life!  

Christians who support the ex-lynch mob leader tell us that he’s just being powerful like Biblical Kings of old. Goodness, King David sent a soldier to his death in war so he could grab his wife’s pussy.

Of course, God was fussier than Christians like Pete Stauber. He did punish David by refusing to let him build God’s temple. But then again God hasn’t interfered with Trump as he has built his own golden temples. Maybe that’s an endorsement.  

If so, I don’t know that I agree with God that a billionaire sending innocent kids to prison is such an act of leadership. It reminds me more of thirteen-year-olds pushing kindergartners around.   The protesters I wanted to talk to are mad at President Biden who is dealing with the Pandora’s box Donald Trump left him. Trump emptied US soldiers out of Afghanistan and then, for the first time in US history, refused to help the new administration get started after Trump lost the election. When Joe Biden should have been appointing a cabinet Trump let loose January 6th.

Afghanistan was Trump’s wet bag to Biden primed to rip open.  And it wasn’t the only one.  

No American President ever gave an Israeli leader the kind of freedom Trump gave Netanyahu to humiliate Palestinians. 

Trump probably felt some kinship with  Netanyahu who, like Trump, was facing prison time from the courts. To this add Trump’s refusal to stop Iran from building nuclear weapons by killing a Global Warming agreement. A pissed off Iran was happy to help turn Israel into a burning dumpster fire of grievance by unchaining Hamas.  

While Duluth’s protesters are blameless some other protests around the nation have attracted outsiders who have given all the peaceful demonstrations a black eye. I wanted to share some sections of my new book about Vietnam protest marches with the young people in the Rose Garden. I also wanted to share sections of my book that explain why their concerns about the Holy land are fair and well founded.  I’ll keep looking for them.  

Harry’s Dad never once said “N******.”  It can be found without asterisks at lincolndemocrat.com