Letters: March 23, 2023

Greene is very mistaken

The SCOTUS ruled that mandatory vaccination ordered  by the state did not violate the first amendment. While acknowledging the personal freedom of all U.S citizens, Justice John Marshall Harlan said in an opinion at the time that "the rights of the individual in respect to his liberty may at times, under the pressure of great dangers, be subjected to such restraints, to be enforced by reasonable regulations, as the safety of the general public demands."  

But unlike the hysterical claims of Marjorie Taylor Greene, only the States truly have a right to impose Covid vaccine Mandates on their citizens--not the Federal Government! Exceptions may be made in cases of extreme and dangerous risks to our public health, such as for our military Personnel, and our soldiers, as well as the many healthcare workers who bravely cared for their patients during early vaccine lock downs. But the shots are given free, or come out of one's insurance,which one uses for other medications anyway! Most of us simply need to show up at a medical facility and get vaccinations after waiting in a not too long line.   But Greene is also very mistaken and doesn't seem to know what she is talking about?--she is wrong about normally not needing to schedule several shots at intervals i.e. like 4 polio shots, DTaP shots for diphtheria, tetanus, acellular pertussis, pneumococcal conjugate (PCV13) in 1, 2, 3 or 4 doses, and our recurring flu shots once a year, plus 2 Influenza Shots, but the CDC is not forcing anyone who objects to getting them to be taken from their homes and forced to get shots, but in the dramatic way that people like Greene portray.  

All the disinformation being spread by anti-vaccers only make it easier for such illnesses to reoccur. Deniers wonder why breakthrough cases occur and why (if covid vaccines work so well), are we supposedly required to get extra doses?" Well, because the research done by scientists usually decides what the number of optional doses one needs to stay well--which has always been the case with many common illnesses! Some people who don't get shots remain healthy without them, but many more become very ill.   So why is the right so fanatically pushing myths about Covid?--probably in part--to save the reputation of Trump, whose bungeling of the vaccine roll out allowed covid to spread to hundreds of thousands, while  Trump once claimed that injecting common household disinfectants could cure the disease?  

And yes, eventually more covid deaths occurred under Biden, because a much larger number of fatalities  landed on his desk. Did you ever make a well packed snowball and watch it grow larger as it rolls downhill?--Well,Trump got the snowball going which then, exponentially infected more and more people over time.   Please people, don't make snap judgments, and please check out your claims before deciding they are facts!   

It was Trump who allowed the virus to get out of control and eventually kill more than a million Americans! And, even though many laws already protect anti-vax or vaccine hesitant people--All school exemption laws give exemptions to children for specific medical reasons, while 44 States and DC grant religious objections, and 15 States allow moral or philosophical exemptions! You should also Check my facts before you believe them, but please don't visit (only) very right wing websites to check my facts.   Peter W. Johnson, Superior, Wisconsin

War-mongering America

This time it's a Democrat president that has led the world into another war. Billions spent to super enrich the already rich bringing the world closer to global warming destruction and bringing the doomsday nuclear clock closer to a nuclear war, the closest it has ever been. Biden and any Washington politician (most) who has pushed America closer to war with Russia (and China) need to be put where they belong and that is on the street without a job and preferably behind bars.   

The enemies are not Russia and China. The enemies are the US politicians that forced Russia into doing what it did, backing them into a corner, forcing them to defend their country. The US back in the Clinton (who by the way was also a war monger) era before the fall of the USSR assured the USSR that NATO would not go into the Ukraine. Russia did not want nuclear weapons placed on her doorstep as the US wouldn't want them on hers.  

America never wants peace.  And America does not tell the truth. And Americans are gullible.  

Ukrainians and Russians are dying.  The world is under threat of nuclear war.  Resources that should be put into solving global warming and other problems are not being put to good use. These are not crimes against the American people, against the world?  

Americans don't want war but the corporate owned media is good at beating the drums of war. And Americans are good at falling for the lies that are fed them. "Remember the Maine!" got Americans to back the war against Spain in the 1890's. (And then America quickly took over Spain's role as occupier of Cuba). The US (Reagan) invasion of Grenada was to supposedly protect the American students there-lies. Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon and their lies which lead to the murder of 3 million Vietnamese. Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction were a total fabrication by the lying US government. There are so many examples of this scenario of lies that have made Americans back wars. Many Americans are easily taken in by the corporate mass media. Even when most Americans don't want the wars they are waged anyways. The US government doesn't listen to the people, it listens to the huge corporate interests.    If we don't wake up soon global warming will become irreversible and nuclear war could become more than just a threat. The biggest threat to a peaceful world is the government of the US. Stop sending weapons of war to the Ukraine. Stop believing Biden's lies (all presidents). Everything the US does internationally is to promote America's power which it doesn't want to share. All US foreign activity is criminal. Stop the economic wars that make so many lives unbearable. Stop supporting Israel in its apartheid against the rightful owners of Palestine, stop the embargoes against Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, Iran. The arrogance of the US is disgusting. There is no greater ugliness in the world than what the US does to it.  

Steve Johnson,  Ely, Minnesota


Most people disagree with transgender craze

I'm very dismayed that Gov. Walz signed the "Gender Affirming Care." I'm 74 and believe most people  disagree with this new Transgender craze, being pushed by a handful of radicals with money and contacts to lure and confuse children and teens to destroy them and make it seem like everyone agrees. Only the GLBTQ seem to be allowed to condemn Christians or anyone who disagrees with them  to instill fear of being called racists or homophobic for daring to disagree with their lifestyles to protect their  gullible children and teens.  

Tragically, children today can't guarantee  adult protection anymore, where even doctors and some parents push sex hormones ,which can cause permanent damage and cancer, and  sexual mutilation surgery which  all is plain evil and sexual abuse. Doctors take the Hippocratic  oath "TO DO NO HARM"  and it's medically impossible to change male to female and vice versa, which is more than genitals  and fashion but difference  in DNA,  entire internal cellular makeup, thoughts and ideas. You cannot change XY and XX chromosomes.  

Bruce Jenner (now Katlyn), sadly, a troubled  man in woman's clothing who speaks and thinks like a man and I, as a woman, could never relate to him as a female.. Many medical conditions are different in males and females such as reproductive and  heart attack symptoms which can cost them their lives.   Jesus said "God created male and female in His image" and anyone who offends these little ones be best to have a millstone around his neck and thrown in the sea." 'Numerous genders' is all psychological disturbance which I pray they seek help like  Jesus to heal  them and keep it private to avoid influencing  the naive and gullible. As a Christian I welcome criticism but also please respect  our desire to protect minors  from irreversable damage to their bodies and lives.  

Silent majority please speak up.  

Rosemarie Mitchell, Duluth, Minnesota