Nitpicking Pete Stauber’s email

Harry Welty


Joe Biden’s hypocritical, flip-flopping message says it all. And history doesn’t lie:” Joe Biden on Oct. 6, 2020: 'Unity over Division'"

Really, Pete, this was a month before Biden was elected. And it was why he was elected. And let’s be honest. Biden meant it. And what’s more for two years he mostly stuck with the unity message. And what was Trump saying before he faced the voters?

Trump was asked if he’d step down if he lost. TRUMP DIDN’T ANSWER THIS QUESTION! Instead, he said he could only lose if the election was stolen. And guess what Trump said when he lost?

It’s been two years of Keystone Cops trying to prove that Trump won a majority. There are people today who say Lyndon Johnson killed JFK. In 50 years there will still be people who say Trump won.

But even though President Biden held his fire for two years, you call what he said this week “hypocritical.”

Joe Biden on Sept. 1, 2022: “Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans are a threat to the very soul of this country.

Talk about hypocrisy, you ought to look in a mirror. You’ve sworn an oath to God twice to protect our Constitution. So where were you hiding on Jan. 6 from zip ties, bear spray and confederate flag spears?
If you get called to meet your maker I’m sure she will remind you that history doesn’t lie. Before Trump was out of office he invited 30,000 angry Americans to Washington DC and sent thousands of them to hang the Vice President. For two years Joe Biden held his tongue. But he is our President and there’s another election in two months. If Donald Trump can call a club a diamond Joe Biden can call a spade a spade.

And those spades were and still are busy digging. Pete do you know about 4chan? Have you watched the trials of the Proud Boys or the would-be assassins of Michigan’s Governor? How about the people who chanted that they wouldn’t let the Jews replace them?

That’s little black mustache talk, Pete. Do you really think these are “very fine” people?

When you ran out of things to say on your own you quoted a website:

“From Townhall: ‘Despite Biden’s lies, the true enemy of our Republic is the radical left and its progressive agenda that embraces Big Government, censorship and political violence. For them, the ends justify the means, and they will stop at nothing to destroy this great country. We’ve seen the lengths they’re willing to go against President Trump. What do you think they’re willing to do to you? As Trump has always said, ‘In reality, they’re not after me, they’re after you. I’m just in the way.’”

If you are going to send this out under your name I have a couple questions to ask you.

Let’s start with “Biden’s lies.” Do you have a list of them? I don’t remember any that go beyond a little politicking. What’s a radical? Is progress radical? Do fighting global warming; encouraging police to be less trigger happy; building a social safety net for millions of homeless; cleaning ground water count as “radical?”

Is going to the voters to advocate for such things radical and if it is radical what’s wrong with putting such issues to a vote and letting the majority win?

Is “Big Government” automatically wrong?” America needed 90% income taxation to fight Adolph Hitler. And how about following people into the bedroom or into doctor’s offices?

That’s big government but that’s what your side is pushing for?

Not only is it big government, but I think its wrong-headed government to force a 9-year-old rape victim to stay pregnant until she can be given a Caesarean section because her birth canal is too small.

I agree that stealing elections justifies a Boston Tea Party and maybe guns. Certainly, The Ukraine stands out as an example of what a nation should do when their Democracy is under threat. If you think your side was innocent of election theft while the Biden side was guilty, you should say so publicly. It would certainly have helped Trump's case if any of his judicial appointees had agreed with him. Thank heavens for honest law enforcement. 

One thing that doesn’t make me feel safe is loud, threatening rhetoric. For 30 years I watched my Republican Party ratchet up rhetoric to a fever pitch. Twenty-five years ago a speaker told Republicans at a Duluth convention I attended that pro-choice people like me were worse “mass murderers” than Hitler, Stalin and Mao Tse-Tung combined.

Today Texas is offering bounties on people who drive pregnant mothers across the border of Texas to states where abortions are still legal. Spy networks are being set up reminiscent of the the Chinese communists who sniffed out pregnant women to force them to have abortions to control their population.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Don’t flatter yourself, Pete!

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