Letters May 12, 2022

Gov. Evers is and has been great for Wisconsin, so work for his win ahead

Evers' administration has repaired more than 1,700 miles of roads and nearly 1,300 bridges. Shown real concern for kids as he increased our state’s investment in public education and too increased mental health support for kids through the ‘Get Kids Ahead’ program. He has a focus on real policy and programs that help real people and small business AND rural Wisconsin folk interests too for once. The GOP in WI legislature waste tax payer dollars on scams, shams and myths and that is a bridge not repaired near you or a rural health clinic closed. The work for a Evens win in Nov. is crucial now. Find the Dem folk working for all the great dem candidates as Wisconsin is Key in Nov. 2022. Thank you all for your attention to this

Tom Johnson
Barnes, Wisconsin

U.S. has no moral high ground

Russia’s war against Ukraine is a terrible thing instigated by a terrible man, but, sadly, the U.S. has no moral high ground from which to criticize it, and our long history of wars and interventions has not been forgotten by the world at large. Only 30 of 195 countries have honored U.S.-led sanctions against Russia. Iraq and Afghanistan were virtually forgotten by the media until the predictably chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan, and then the news centered on the war’s final weeks and ignored 20 years of bipartisan lies and terror. William Blum’s book "Killing Hope" documents our military and CIA interventions since WW2. This history, along with the history of western colonialism in general, may be unknown to many Americans, but the rest of the world is aware of it, and they likely look at Putin’s butchery and think, “same old s**t, different a**holes.” The era of American hegemony is over, though our leaders can’t admit it and the media are pathetically biased in their coverage of world events. Consider the coverage of the last clown-car coup attempt in Venezuela starring Juan “What’s-His-Name” Guaido. The media played along but most of the non-western world knew better. So it goes. 

David A Sorensen
Duluth, Minnesota

Morgan Park’s future in jeopardy?

Having grown up in Smithville, going to Riverside elementary then Morgan Park in the ‘60s, I’ve had fond memories of Duluth’s first planned community built by J. P. Morgan for his steel workers.

The community back then had doctors, dentists, drug store, hardware store, groceries, two churches, laundromat, two gas stations, post office, hair salon, bowling alley in the Goodfellowship Club, handball courts, swimming pool, gymnasium, indoor running track and auditorium for weddings, etc.

Those were the good old days of K-12 Morgan Park and St. Margaret Mary’s Catholic Church.

Nowadays almost all aforementioned amenities have fallen by the wayside.

The Bethany Crisis Shelter is a home for children, some taken by the county from the parents and placed here and most recently kittycorner from it newly built is the Thunderbird Wren House, an addiction treatment center within 200 feet of these children.

How did the city of Duluth ever allow this to occur and now we are told 40 units of low income apartments and eight in the old Thrun Trucking building are being developed for the indigenous people.

Try this in east end and see how it works, and were there multiple meetings with the community clubs of Morgan Park’s approval?

Wake up city of Duluth and befriend all taxpaying homeowners before they vote you out as you’re replaceable.

I married 56 years to a wonderful mother of my four children and she has never lived on subsidies of the government or collected a dime from the tribe that she’s entitled to as an indigenous woman.

George Jones sang in his song “Choices” – ‘We’ve all had them since the day that we were born.’ Make yours wisely.

Tim Kaspari
Wrenshall, Minnesota

Do not become lethargic

Daily we are witnessing the seemingly unstoppable and horrific slaughter of innocents and the demolition of their property. We are utterly shocked by the barbarism and indifference to the sanctity of life.

We must not become lethargic or lulled to sleep because the flame of truth must be attended.

Gerald Norrgard
Duluth Minnesota