Letters Oct. 28, 2021

Thanks to all the suckers!

My father Pietro (Peter) came to Duluth from Italy in 1908 at the age of 20 to work with stone, bricks and concrete when Duluth was growing rapidly.
About 9 years later World War I began and he enlisted. He wasn’t even a U.S. citizen yet. He was in the trenches and the forests, fighting the Germans, never injured or gassed. He became a U.S. citizen.
My older brother Louis enlisted in the Navy in WWII and served on an aircraft carrier in the Atlantic.
I enlisted in the U.S. Air force in Jan. 1948, after graduation from Denfeld. Two years after I enlisted the Korean War began. I spent my last 2 years at Rhein-Main AFB, Frankfurt, Germany, not Korea.
We enlisted because we loved our country and wanted to serve.
President Trump on the other hand didn’t want to serve so he had a physician figure out how to invent some reason that would disqualify him from serving our country. Something to do with his feet that he used a lot while golfing. That may have caused the spurs. Ha!
He did not love our country enough to do his part toward patriotism but he did love himself, his family, his golf courses and hotels, including his flying hotel, Air Force One.
It’s too bad he doesn’t have some grandchildren that would be able to fill in some of the vacancies of those that quit or have been fired. His former chief of staff called Trump an idiot then quit.
When Kennedy was having one of his press conferences, one of he questions he was asked: “Would you like your son to be President?”
Kennedy’s reply: Not until he finishes school.”
That got a big laugh. Two of the Kennedy brothers served in WWII. The oldest one was killed in Europe.
Trump went from Boy Scout to Commander in Chief without serving our country at a time of need.
HE said that those who served in the military are “SUCKERS.”
It’s a good thing there were a lot of us suckers?

Don Macor
Duluth, Minnesota

Support for climate change policies

The Yale Program on Climate Change Communication just released a new report “Politics & Global Warming” based on its latest national survey, conducted in September 2021. It finds that large majorities of registered voters, including many Republicans, support a variety of climate and energy policies, including many currently being considered by Congress: 

• 86% support providing tax incentives or rebates to homeowners, landlords, and businesses to make existing buildings more energy efficient.
• 81% support funding more research into renewable energy sources.
• 81% support providing tax rebates to people who purchase energy-efficient vehicles or solar panels.
• 79% support providing tax incentives or rebates to homeowners, landlords, and businesses to purchase appliances that can be powered without burning fossil fuels.
• 75% support setting aside 30% of America’s lands and waters for conservation by 2030.
• 75% support regulating carbon dioxide as a pollutant.
• 74% support requiring publicly traded corporations to disclose how much carbon pollution they produce.
• 70% support transitioning the U.S. economy (including electric utilities, transportation, buildings, and industry) from fossil fuels to 100% clean energy by 2050.
• 70% support increasing federal funding to low-income communities and communities of color who are disproportionally harmed by air and water pollution.
• 69% support requiring fossil fuel companies to pay a tax on the carbon pollution they produce, and using that revenue to reduce other taxes (such as the federal income tax) by an equal amount [i.e., a revenue-neutral carbon tax].
• 66% support requiring electric utilities to produce 100% of their electricity from renewable energy sources by the year 2035.

Here’s hoping that Senators Johnson and Baldwin and Representative Tiffany will take notice and act accordingly.

Bill Bussey
Bayfield, Wisconsin

Space travel – more safe?

Congratulations on the 4 civilian Space X travelers on completing their 3-day travel to space! It appears that space travel is becoming more safe for normal citizens to consider a trip! Even William Shatner made a space trip recently.

Unfortunately, America itself is becoming much less safe due to our #1 space cadet, Biden! As of this writing, we have about 25,000+ Haitian migrants in Bidenville (Del Rio, TX), thousands of Mexican criminals crossing the Texas boarder (cartels), thousands of Al Qaeda terrorists released from prisons, etc. These are all new threats to America due to Biden! Let us also not forget that every major U.S. city is less safe with the violent crimes (murders) due to this administration’s support to defund the police, arrest & release dangerous criminals and AOC’s “no more jails” idea.

If a Hollywood screenwriter would put all of the above issues into a script for a new sci-fi movie, it would be the scariest movie ever. What should we call this movie? The Biden Apocalypse? Similar to the 1979 movie “Apocalypse Now” directed by Francis Ford Coppola. Who would have guessed that the “Now” is 42 years later?

It is predictable that the Taliban, Al Qaeda, ISIS terrorists will attack America in the near future. It is time to send Space Cadet Biden on the next Space X flight!

P. S. The above movie plot is not fictional like Apocalypse Now but a real life documentary.

Chuck Bracken
Cannon Falls, Minnesota

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