Letters Sept. 2, 2021

Carbon fuels and forest fire

We’ve come to understand that more heat in the atmosphere can lead to extreme weather including drought.  It will be periods of heat and dryness that will suck the moisture out of our fields and forests.  Our forests are increasingly vulnerable to loss of moisture as climate-change progresses.  Today in Northern Wisconsin our air is thick with the smoke from forest fires in Northern Minnesota.  Before it’s too late we should all realize that fossil fuels should only be used where absolutely necessary.

Everyone will win if we install solar panels, switch to e-cars (by the way, really fun to drive), and/or install electric heat pumps.  All of these actions will help reduce overall demand for carbon-based fuels.  That is a big win for those businesses and people who may still need gasoline or fuel oil.  This is because reduced overall demand will drive down prices for those fuels.  And we win personally through reduced electric, gas and/or fuel oil bills.  Or we can simply sign up for wind, solar or other green electricity sources from the power company.  Let’s all pitch in to reduce demand for carbon-based fuels.  It’s a win-win for everyone.   What’s the downside?  Yes, we’ll need to train for new and better jobs, hopefully not as forest-fire fighters.

George Einar Busséy
Town of White River, Wisconsin

What’s with all the rudeness?

Don’t know if it’s due to Covid or what but lately people are so rude. You hear about road rage being at a all time high, speeding too is higher than ever.

A few months ago I was in the transit center’s restroom and took off my mask to blow my nose and put chapstick on my lips. When I got out the security guard met me and said if I did it again I would be put in prison. It turns out they have security cameras in there.

Than a couple of weeks ago I got a tickle in my throat and started coughing ... the driver threw me off of the bus after accusing me of spreading Covid to people. When I called the DTA to complain they said he was in the right and that I shouldn’t have been on the bus.

Other people have been treated rude if they sneezed. I know a person who complains if they see someone without a mask on and said that they wear one all the time.

Cecilia Hill
Duluth, Minnesota