Letters July 8, 2021

Situational ethics

It seems ambiguous and innocuous, but it’s been around a while. A popular term in our recent politics and business practices. It’s a continuation of the Machiavellian belief in attaining power. Does the end justify the means?

In our case the normal checks and balances were tossed out the window in willy-nilly fashion.
So now the GOP base is working overtime to prop up their power base. They know that desperate measures are needed in desperate times. Sir Donald is assessing his chances of a glorious resurrection. of course, it won’t happen but any limelight would inflate his ego. Now that he’s toast, we hope his short-lived splash will fade from view.

Gerald Norrgard
Duluth, Minnesota

Rudy & Don, together again?

Can’t you just see this now? Donald Trump and his good buddy Rudy Guiliani could share the same prison cell when the justice system finally comes down on those two swineholes.

Prison officials could have them make personalized license plates after they finished their morning Malt-o-meal!

Rudy could trim Trump’s unruly Beach Boys hair-do while Donald killed time reviewing Guiliani’s law books. Together they could cross days off their wall calendars as they looked forward to parole in 2040!

Ken Bracken
Minneapolis, Minnesota