Minnesota – What’s wrong with you??

I don’t usually write two weeks in a row. Usually every other week is what appears to be a safe idea for my over-active imagination. BUT I’m unusually angry this week. I feel like I’m literally being screwed by Minnesota government. So the time has come for a few columns in a row. I’m not new to being screwed by our government. I mean, I get the fact that probably half of the taxes being raped from my paycheck most likely go to the girl down the block with the four kids, a smart phone, and a big-screen TV. I mean, she doesn’t work, nor care to work. She simply collects welfare. It’s almost humorous that her kids have a four-wheeler and mine don’t, yet I’m not on government assistance. How could I possibly provide such things? Anyways, that’s beside the point. I’m livid, out-of-my-mind angry about the fact that I seemingly wasted a vote on Governor Mark Dayton.

I voted for Mark Dayton for two reasons. I have a bias for mining projects in Minnesota. It’s personal to me and also what I believe is in our best interest. It provides jobs, which create a life worth living for many Minnesotans. Mining of all sorts provides a momentum in Minnesota. We need that: a push towards the future, a reliable, equitable future for many people. Dayton promised to have mining companies’ backs, yet that’s been fairly slow-moving. My other reason for my voter disdain? So dear to my heart: Mark Dayton promised to make MY Minnesota Vikings and their much-deserved stadium a priority of his term in office if elected. Yet here we are, on the eve of the sessions to be adjourned, and he hasn’t done a thing to actually push our stadium into a reality. With this, I take extreme issue.
I don’t necessarily believe any politician about anything he/she ever promises (except Hillary—it should have been Hillary), but either way I’m aware the Vikings have been wanting/needing a new stadium. I knew it was controversial because of the payment options. I knew it was going to be hard. Because of those facts, I chose to vote for Mark Dayton. Selfish? Whatever, I don’t care. It’s no secret I am a Minnesota Viking Super Fan. To me, it’s grotesque to have so many Minnesota leaders oppose the idea of paying out some much-deserved tax dollars for a team that has done so much for this state. I’m not going to say the Vikings bring us to the Super Bowl or even the playoffs every year, but time after time, season after season, many Minnesotans have loved this team, just for the fact that they play with heart. I agree we have been losing these past few seasons, but be reasonable. We lose by little, usually by one touchdown or one field goal every game. The Vikings play hard. When, really, have they let us down?
When I think about the new proposed stadium, I fail to see the downside. I understand that it requires taxpayer dollars, yet I have no choice in agreeing when those dollars go to things I do not support, such as the non-working individuals with iPhones and cigarettes and 12-packs of beer on their porch. I would love for once to see my tax dollars go to work for something I enjoy. I enjoy our football team, my family enjoys it, and in fact—if statistics are to be believed—one out of every two Minnesotans follows the Minnesota Vikings in one way or another. So go ahead, tax me more. Charge me for alcohol. Add some slot machines. Whatever the hell you want. I promise you that if it supports the one Minnesota value I believe in, and keeps my team in this state, I’ll play it, do it, buy it. Period.

What is wrong with Minnesota legislators? Why is it so difficult for them to understand the kind of industry, economic growth, and trust this sort of movement would provide Minnesotans? It’s already predicted that thousands of construction jobs would result from the actual building of the stadium. Who knows how many restaurants, hotels, gas stations, etc. benefit from the Vikings? Is that even being considered? Or better yet, has it been considered what these business owners will lose as a result of the Vikings being sold and moving to Los Angeles? Do any elected officials think about what they can console their constituents with when they lose that revenue?

It upsets me that people want to take the Vikings for granted. They will leave us—Zygi will sell if a stadium arrangement is not finally agreed upon. Many cities in other states want our team and can provide the venue, or pay to provide the venue. We are truly digging our own graves if we lose this dynamic Minnesota franchise. I, for one, will probably move. Not only because we demolished a fantastic opportunity for support and growth in Minnesota, but because then we will be boring. Pure and simple. We will have nothing to ever invest in again in the future, as no particular franchise or business should ever trust Minnesota government again. I personally have invested myself into every facet of this debate that I could. I’m disgusted if Minnesotans let this go. I don’t understand then, I guess, what we care about.