Pushy people

by Hints with Heloise

Dear Readers: Today’s SOUND OFF is about people who think they are entitled to push others aside instead of waiting for their turn. - Heloise

“Dear Heloise: Yesterday, I was waiting at a deli counter, along with a few other people, when a man walked up to the counter and started to rap his large ring on the glass case to demand attention. The deli man walked over to me to take my order (I was next in line), and the man started to slowly shove me aside to place an order. I won’t bore you with what I said, but I made it clear he could wait for his turn like everyone else. If this had been a medical emergency, I wouldn’t have minded, but it was a local deli counter. When did people start losing their manners? Being obnoxious isn’t cute, and women don’t respect men who act rude, crude or low-class.” - Monica N., Atlantic City, N.J.

Dear Readers: Here are a few suggestions to brighten up your home for very little money:

• Replace old cabinet doorknobs with new ones.

• Buy new throw pillows for the sofa.

• Paint the front door a nice, new, pretty color.

• Plant flowers in the front yard.

• Change out old lampshades for new ones.

• Declutter your home from top to bottom.

- Heloise


Dear Heloise: I took my dog to the vet and discovered he had heartworms. My dog is now on medication to kill the worms, but my vet said dogs should be tested annually. Apparently, cats can also develop heartworms. This is preventable! “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” as my granny used to say. Ask your vet if your cat or dog should be on heartworm medication, or check with www.heartwormsociety.org for more information. - Connie L., Tulsa, Okla.


Dear Heloise: Sometimes I’ll hear a song on the radio but don’t know the name of it or the artist. However, if I type in a few words of the lyrics to search on my computer or cellphone, the title, artist and entire lyrics come up. - Myra D., Bellingham, Wash.


Dear Heloise: When my mother’s cat died, Mom had two carriers, three pet beds (two of which were new) and several cans of high-quality cat food. I called a local animal shelter, which was so grateful to get the donation of these items. Please tell your readers that animal shelters always need supplies, and they welcome financial aid as well. So, if you lose a pet, you can help these organizations out by donating items or money to help them as they help animals. - Lana W., Jackson, Wyo.


Dear Heloise: My apartment manager gave out some great advice: If you’re not sure whether you should call the maintenance person, go ahead and do it. 

A tiny water spot on the ceiling can lead to big, big problems. Sometimes, the manager said, if I don’t report a problem, I could actually be held responsible for any damage that accrues! Yikes! 

I inspect my apartment once a month. - Janice B. in Oklahoma


Dear Heloise: I have to drive this point home to my kids: Everything you post on the internet - every email, every text message, every instant message, every picture - is out there FOREVER. 
Every blog, every online chat, every webcam video -- it’s out there forever, and it could come back to haunt them. - Donald T. in Illinois
Important reminder, Donald. Yes, all of the electronic communication is traceable. Don’t write something or take a picture of something you could regret. - Heloise 


Dear Heloise: I graduated from high school in 1946 and immediately enlisted in the U.S. Navy. Then I decided to go to our local junior college for two years.
I took an English course, which is one of the smart things I did in life. Our teacher was one of the best. One of the first lessons we learned is as follows: “A preposition is a word one should NEVER end a sentence with!” - Chuck S., Manitou Springs, Colo.


Dear Heloise: I have read your column for years - literally, as I am over 90 years old. For over 70 years, I was a cook and baker, and I made hundreds of cakes for birthdays with candles on top. Times change, and candles should not be on the top of the cake. On a cupcake or a cookie, but not a cake. One blow and others are sick. I made the change years ago. -

- Harriet P., North Bethesda, Md.


Dear Heloise: Microwave ovens do not heat food evenly. Letting the food stay in the microwave after cooking allows the heat to spread more evenly. -
- Earl B., Medway, Ohio 

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