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The only decent tune on the CD was, “Must Be Santa.”  It sounded musically like The White Iron Band, but not really much like a Christmas song.  It has this “Drunk in Duluth” feel, but the looseness being played by the accordion makes it seem like the band was drunk (but unfortunately not up here).  Maybe it is a throwback to Hibbing Polka music and drunken’ Christmas parties of his youth?

The video of “Santa” is even weirder with a long, ironed-hair Dylan stumbling around a raucous Christmas party.  It probably was the most tolerable song on the CD, but is that really saying much?

I see Dylan as the most important songwriter of the past century and someone who changed what music means.  Before his music songs were all pop-ditties about bubblegum, holding hands, and rockin’ and a rollin’.  After he broke through he pushed all music artists to a new level of excellence.

Dylan still remembers us up here, and he said in a recent interview that “you’ll never see another town like Duluth.  It’s not a tourist destination, but it probably should be.  Depends on what season you’re in there, though.  There are only two seasons: damp and cold.  I like the way the hills tumble to the waterfront and the way the wind blows around the grain elevators.  The train yards go on forever too.  It’s old-age industrial, that’s what it is.  You’ll see it from the top of the hill for miles and miles before you get there.  You won’t believe your eyes.  I’ll give you a medal if you get out alive.”

I love the choralaires harmonizing, and if Dylan showed up singing at my door… I’d still let him in too.  Merry Christmas to everyone and don’t forget that my 1960s poster show at the Tweed ends on January 15th.

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