Liam Gallagher and his band Beady Eye rock First Ave

Liam Gallagher of Oasis brought his newest band Beady Eye to Minnesota on Monday and rocked First Avenue.

This past summer while I was in New York my wife and I attended three performances by Beady Eye. The first was on the David Letterman Show, the second was in the same Ed Sullivan Theater for a webcast, and the third was in the Village at Webster Hall. At all three shows my wife was up front, and at Webster Hall she was even given Gallagher’s towel. Sure it was like a scene out of an Elvis performance from the 1970s, but this was her high school heartthrob playing in a small venue.

December in Minnesota is a lot different than New York in June. So arriving early to get a spot up front in the line was a task that took some planning. 

My wife and I left Duluth five hours before the doors opened, and arrived in Minneapolis at about 4:30pm… A full three hours before doors would open. You may ask, why would one want to arrive so early? The answer was to get some autographs or perhaps a photo with the band.

First off, I must admit that I am not the biggest Oasis fan. I remember in the mid-1990s hearing many stories about their fighting, and I thought they had a few good songs. When they came to Minneapolis in 2008 my wife and I were in about the 8th row. It was a great show, but my wife, the Oasis fanatic, left in Britpop heaven. So when she was given a sweaty towel by Gallagher back in June of this year, she walked through Times Square back to our hotel clutching it tightly and trying to sniff any remnant of Liam DNA out of the gift/prop. She even got a sore throat for two weeks after sniffing the towel and self-diagnosed it as “I-miss-Liam-itis.” It sounded serious.

Let’s just say I am not quite the Oasis fan that she is, but here I was three hours prior to doors opening sitting in a pub across from the venue watching intently for anyone to begin the line up to go in. There is a back garage area at First Avenue, and when the door opened three men began chatting up the security guard. My wife, wanting an autograph or perhaps another picture with Liam (as the one I took in New York came out a bit blurry) decided to leave our warm sanctuary and see what the guys standing by the back garage door knew.