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“I've heard the "Beatles" thing, but never the others,” Churchill said. “I do sometimes pretend the ghost of Elvis lives in my house. Me and my wife will be trying to figure something out and I'll call out "Elvis?... Ellllvisss?!" You know, to get his take. My wife rolls her eyes. As far as tying it together, I'm not sure. I'm just glad when someone thinks it is, because then it gets me thinking maybe they're right. Even the whistling.”

“Hurry To The Past” has a slow plucking guitar reminiscent of soft classical Christmas music or more reverent tones. It is intrinsically melodic, and it gives the listener an inner blanket of warmth. It moves right into the next song “Belong” quickly, but seamlessly. Churchill is often known as a songwriter, but the guitar playing shows how great of a musician he is.

“‘Hurry to the Past’ was actually written to elongate the following track ‘Belong,’ because I was using it for this still frame illustration video I was making with an artist friend of mine. I needed like another minute. I think that is the only time I've ever done something like that. But, it works, I think,” Churchill said.

My wife loves “Winter March” and how it begins quiet and builds the entire way through. It is artistic and cannot be described in words. It is a song you just need to listen to in order to understand. There is everything in the song, and yet it is disturbing, in a way that pushes the listener to feel emotions of darkness. There is a Faust like quality, with repetitive lyrics and drumming. “Into the winter of life I take my body... Where I go to next just can’t be proved.”

“Let’s Do It Again” comes next and is shockingly light following “Winter March”.  Sara Softich wrote the violin for this song and gives it plucky resolve, explaining the joys of calling in sick to work- again and again. After it marches, it has a dance tone that swings through and makes you wanna move. It is danceable and light, straying far from the heavier side of “Winter March.” I suppose with the dark comes the light.

Go to http://tobythomaschurchill.bandcamp.com/album/death to hear the CD.