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A few months ago Toby Thomas Churchill released his first solo album and exposed his musical soul through an array of catchy tunes.

With a title like “Death,” and cover art of a horse set in a red background, it is interesting that the actual CD itself is light blue. Maybe it is a reflection of the dark undertones in Churchill’s music set against lighter chords that border on a razors edge of disturbing pop. 

I asked Churchill how he decided on the name “Death” for his first solo album.

“Because the title "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" was already taken,” he joked.

“My Rock ‘N’ Roll Moves” opens the CD and blows in Churchill’s lyrics, “I don’t know how much longer, I can do my contrived rock and roll blues, they make me wanna die. I don’t wanna do the splits on that stage again, because no one does, the splits in real life.”

Toby Churchill has been singing around the Twin Ports since he was in his late teens and most recently has fronted The Alrights. After singing on all those stages he finally gets to unleash his own sound and have it be his own.

I asked Churchill what made this the right time to do a solo project instead of one with the band.

“I would say it was a combination of things,” Churchill said. “There were issues between The Alrights and the label, long story short, those issues kept us from being able to record in the time frame we wanted. I'm not even sure anymore who or what really caused these issues, though it kept us from ever truly getting any major momentum going. But, here I was, dying to create an album, and, with every passing year, feeling myself leaning more towards the avant-garde, and away from a more traditional indie rock thing. I think this album probably straddles the line. To finish the thought, I'd say it's unlikely that I would again participate in the making of anything in the way of an indie rock record. The rest of the world is doing a great job on that, they don't need any help from me. Which, isn't to say I'm necessarily done creating with the boys in The Alrights, who knows what sort of silliness awaits the three of us.”